Saturday, August 12, 2006


Short weekend for me ... tomorrow I will have to go to the office and work ... but today I tried not to think about it ... and to enjoy the day with my friends here in DALLAS ... an other cooking day for me ... this time it was with BRIAN and NATAF ... celebrating NATAF fresh graduation ... they organized a small dinner with friends and I tried to help cooking ... together we did cook PASTA, SALAD ... and TIRAMISU ... which is Italian means CHEER / PICK ME UP ... and it really worked out pretty much like the name ... its preparation did cheer me up ... I realized once again how lucky I am to have friends ... and such a good friends ... I guess a friend is really someone you trust and with whom you can share your deeper thoughts, fears, ideas with the confidence not to be judged ... like an alter ego able to give you an other point of view ... without judging you ... anyways here some pictures of the TIRAMISU preparation ...... theTIRAMISU was really delicious ... everybody really liked it ... and the good thing is that also NATAF knows how to prepare it ... the Italian culture is spreadng also in DALLAS ... :D


after all is said...

I agree fully with your definition of what a true friend is :)

PS: Congratulations Nataf too!

Nataf said...

I agree it was delicious, I just finished the last piece

PS: thanks :)

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