Saturday, December 29, 2007


At the end it had to happen and it did happen. The I-5 did reopen. And now we don't have an excuse anymore. We really have to leave California, LA, Hermosa, the surf, the pier, the beach and all our friends. The boxes have been ready from a while now. And after 1 week that PENSKE kept on hold our truck, now we really have to go and pick it up. A new adventure is starting. We are moving to Seattle! And we have decided to rent this bright yellow yellow truck. We parked in front the "244 Monterey Blvd Surf Club" and we started loading it ...and after 3 hours we were done. All our was in that truck, but the cloths for the 2 - 3 days trip that is awaiting us and for the gifts that Nene has prepared for our friends ...... the room is now empty and this will be our last night here in Hermosa. We will sleep on the couch.

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