Friday, December 07, 2007


I started to pack my stuff for the upcoming move to Seattle. And I was shocked from the enormous amount of stuff that I own. I thought I was going to fill few boxes and here I am where the few boxes that I planned to use are just enough for my CDs. What amazed me the most are my shoes. These is just part of the shoes that I bought since I lived here to Hermosa back in October 2003. 13+ pair of shoes!?!?!?!? And I mean, I always use flip flop. I can't believe it! I mean, I thought I didn't buy anything in the last 4 years. Just few TShirts and jeans. And I found myself with hundreds of TShirts! I spoke withe some friends who had to move in the past, and they told me that they had the same shock ... there is definitely something wrong with us, if we can't even understand how much stuff we buy ... :o

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