Tuesday, December 18, 2007


It is all for real. We are really ready to leave California. We are a little bit sad. This is the place where I lived in last 4 years. This is the place that I loved. This is where I lived with wonderful roommatess. This is where I met a lot of friends. This is where I learned to surf. This is where I dared to dream more. This is my California. Sad, yes I am sad. But I am also happy, because in Seattle I won't go alone, I will go with my soulmate Nene. And this makes my happy. So, for our farewell we decided to organize a big party. Nothing crazy, but big enough to invite all our friens. Fifty of our best friends came to my place to celebrate (or maybe to make sure that we will really leave), and those are some of the pictures that I took. Wonderful memories of a special nite ...And this is Jason in front of the fridge with the "244 Monterey Blvd surf Club" hall of fame. Now Jason is the president. In that piece of paper there are a lot of wonderful memories. Every name has a special story. Most of them will be friends forever. Other completely disappeared from my life. I miss all of them, but it is OK. I am happy about the real friends that were here with me to celebrate. And of course in the party we have also some babies. Here are Rene, Hana and Zoe ...

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