Sunday, December 16, 2007


Glacier point has a magnificent view point of the Yosemite Valley. Here you can almost see the glacier that was here and that melted down some thousands of years ago. The way the valley is shaped, the way the rocks are positioned tells you a lot about the glacier that was here. And the view of the Half Dome is breathtaking. It is like a postcard sent directly from the creator. It will never disappoint you. And here it is some picture of from Glacier Point ...and these are Nene and I. We take some pictures after a faily long hike. I think it took us more than 4 hours to get up here ...You can get here wither hiking or by car. We got here hiking from the Yosemite VAlly using the "4 miles trial". The day was really stunning, and those are a couple of pictures that I took along the way...... what can I say? Yosemite is really a jewel. Everybody deserve to see this National Park. If you can just do it. Don't wait for the next life ... :P

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