Monday, December 03, 2007


It is all for real. Just the time to come back from my Nepal vacation and it is time to move again. And this time is for good. NeNe and i are moving to Seattle. I spent 4.5 years in LA, 4 of them here in Hermosa. And it is not easy to move out of here. It is strange to think that my room is for rent. But it is true. I am not sad. I am actually glad that I was so lucky to live here for so long ... and i am sure that also in Seattle I will find new friends and I will be as happy as I was here. So here are the pictures that I put today on craigslist. The title of the ads was ROOM for RENT. HERMOSA BEACH, CA. 2 BLOCKS FROM THE BEACH ...... lucky you if you will get this place ... :D

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