Saturday, December 01, 2007


I am finally back home. I really loved this Nepal trip. And one of things that I really liked about this trip is the time that I had for reading. I read more books during this Nepal vacation, than during the last 12 months. And I read a lot about mountaineering. I really got addicted. if you have the chance read those books. They are really really nice. And all of those are now part of my favourite books. I have read all of them in special moments during my trip. That's why it will difficult for me to forget them. They will have always a special place in my heart. And definitely John Krakauer has become one of my favourite writers. I really like the way he writes. But mostly I like the fact that he has been there. He describe things that he really lived. It is amazing how much a mountain can give you and how it can take away from you. And John can describe all this in an incredible crystal clear way. And with so much passion. You are really moved by the characters in his books. In certain moments you can really feel the cold in the tent that John is describing, even if you are reading it in your warm bed. Sometimes I dream to have his writing skills. A book that really impressed me is "Into the Wild". A simple story of a dreamer. And I liked the way John Krakauer makes the comparison between his experience in Alaska and the main character of the story. I didn't see the movie "Into the Wild". But I really loved the book. I think all those books made me realized, once more, that the mountain is unforgiving. You can't play with the mountains and with the wilderness. You have to respect it. And I have also realized that climbing is really a dangerous sport. I think I will stick to trekking ... :DAnd if you have the chance, try either to read or to watch "Touching the void". That is really an amazing account of an incredible surviving story. The movie is good, but of course in the book there are more details. That is definitely an incredible story. And I am sure that if you have never been into the mountains you will easily get scared by such a book. And maybe you will decide to an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean for your next vacation. But believe me, the mountains can give you something unique. The more you get close to the wilderness, the more you will appreciate its beauty. And the beauty of this incredible gift called life ...

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