Thursday, December 13, 2007


Here we are. Finally ready to go for some hiking in Yosemite. For the first day we have decided to go to an easy / moderate trail. North Dome. In something like 3 hours hiking we are supposed to get on top of the North Dome and from there see all the Yosemite Valley and just in front of us the magnificent Half Dome. And from there in an other 2 hours we will be back. 5 hours, not bad for the first day. The weather was great. Not too hot and not too cold. Here are some of pictures of our small adventure. This is the last part of the trail. Finally going down. The rock down there is the North Dome ...

And those are pictures that we took from the summit. The gorgeous rock in the background is the Half Dome. That is a hike that I wanted to do, but I didn't do yet. We were planning to go up there, up the season is too cold. There is ice on the trail and the rangers have closed it ...

And this is the a part of the valleys that are in the park. Very very nice. This was used to be all covered by a huge glacier. Now the glaciers are not here anymore, but we can see how it did consumed the rocks ...... very nice and easy hike .... we love Yosemite ... :D

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