Monday, January 21, 2008


After a research of few days we have finally found our new home in Seattle! And we love it! It is just perfect for us and not top of that ... we couldn't stand anymore the "community" where we were living in Redmond, WA. Everything was just so quiet there, and you really had the feeling to be a chicken in a cage. The place that we have found is nothing like that. It is a 1 bedroom apartment wih hardwood floor and with a lot of character. It is actually in Seattle itself. The area is called Capitol Hill. And it is really super cool. Movie Theatre, Coffee Shops, Restaurants, Grocery stores are just few steps away. And you don't really need the car to go anywhere in the city. You feel like living in a small NYC. If you are curious here is where our new home in Seattle is ... it is the green arrow in the middle of the GoogleMap ...

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