Friday, January 04, 2008


We are in Redding, CA and after 560 miles on the road we are less than half of our way to Seattle. But it is dark and we are really tired of driving. Looking at the map, north of us there is really nothing that looks like a city so and we have decided to stop, get something to eat and a bed to sleep. And there the nicest surprise. In little Redding, CA there is the northern most IN-N-OUT of the World! Ehehehe. The fact that IN-N-OUT is only in California, Nevada and Arizona doesn't really diminish our feelings. We really feel we are in a special place. And we are craving for IN-N-OUT burgers. So we park our truck & trolley and we go to enjoy not one, not two, but three double double! This may be be the last IN-N-OUT burger we will have in a long time. This driving is really a funny adventure. A pity that we are so loaded and that we can't take side streets and we can't go and visit the National Parks that are on the way between LA ans Seattle. We will have to do it an other time. For now we just enjoy our double doubles ...

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