Wednesday, January 30, 2008


One year ago. Exactly one year ago, on January 30th 2007, Tina and I met in Hawaii. That was definitely the luckiest day of my life. And this is a picture of that day. Cristie, the common friend who introduced to each other, took this picture that night. This is exactly that type of day that you think will never happen. You meet a person and you fall in love immediately and you are in Hawaii and everything is like a dream. And you realize that you just found your soul mate. And she lives in the same city where you live. And you spend the rest of your life together! Yes it did happen exactly like this ... :D


TiNa said...

Ti amo piu oggi piu ieri. Mahal kita CC! Bacio x infinita! :)

Andrea said...

Mahal Kita NeNe ...:D

Anonymous said...

I really do believe you two are perfect for eachother!
You definitely are soul mates! And sooo lucky to have found eachother! Yeah Tina and Andrea!!!! Much love!


Dutch Yeti said...

Very touchy, I hope you stay happy together the rest of your lives

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