Thursday, January 24, 2008


We are not a moving company yet, but we are getting stronger and bigger. For this last part of this new move we have also four extra arms to help us. Although NeNe and I loaded all the truck by our self, our friends Arjang and Supito will help us to unloaded it and carry all the stuff to our new apartment. The hard working day started with a breakfast in a coffee shop just down the street ...... it continue with some hard work moving all our stuff upstairs to our apartment. This is Supito at the entrance of our new building ...Arjang took it really seriously. This is him carrying up the kitchen table. It is not really the heaviest table ever, but it is not even that light. Anyways thanks to them we did finish everything in less than 3 hours. And these are NeNe, Supito and Arjang cheering in the back of the empty Penske truck. Very tired, but very very very happy because we are done, everything is in our new home ...And of course we had to celebrate. We went all together to a Thai restaurant, just one block from where we live. Even the hardest things look so simple do accomplish when you have friends helping you ...

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