Friday, January 11, 2008


Edmund Hillary was the first one to conquer, with Sherpa Tenzing Norgay, the Everest ... the highest peak in the World ...That day was May 29th 1953. Edmund was 33. Today January 11th 2008 Sir Hillary died. During my trip to Nepal and to the Everest Base Camp last year I had the chance to appreciate what Sir Hillary did. And to my surprise the summit of the Everest back in 1953 isn't to me, the highest peak of his. Yes, Sir Hillary did something much more important than that. After the 1953 expedition, he came back to Nepal and he built schools and hospitals in the Himalaya region where the Sherpa people is living. That made me think a lot. I realized that all we do in our life should have as core value the happiness of our self and of the people around us. If this is not the core value of everything we are do every single moment, we are doing something wrong. Edmund Hillary became "Sir Hillary" after the conquer of the Everest summit he could have easily forgotten the people of Nepal, but he didn't. And that made of him a special person ... a model for all of us. Bye bye Edmund. Thank you for teaching us, not how to climb a stupid mountain, but how to put the happiness of our brothers in front of every single choice we take every day ...

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Dutch Yeti said...

Hey Andrea, your back, good. Your talking about sir Hillary, very odd, yesterday in the Himalyan Times the following,

Nepal to Mark Everest Day on May 29

THT Online
Kathmandu, May 10

The Ministry for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation on Friday decided to observe May 29 as the International Mount Everest Day to commemorate the first ascension of the peak on the day in 1953. This is the first time the day is going to be celebrated as an international event.
The decision was taken in a meeting attended by the officials of the ministry, Nepal Tourism Board and the Nepal Mountaineering Association.
"The day would be celebrated in memory of the first conquerors of the peak, Sir Edmund Hilary and Tenzing Norgy," said Ang Chherign Sherpa, the chairman of NMA.

So my Italian friend, your not the only one who is honoring Sir Hillary.

Then an other strage thing is happened, I also are more buzzy with schools than my restaurant. Doing lots of stuff for schools like, new benches, toilet buildings, electricity, water, very very nice to do. Feels like Santa Claus.
Till next time.

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