Tuesday, January 15, 2008

SAGUARO National Park

Planning this trip to Phoenix, we thought to go visit again Grand Canyon NP. But now that we are here and we have realized that up north in Grand Canyon it is freezing temperature (don't ask me why I didn't check the weather before I left Seattle) ... we have decide to go and visit a new NP. Saguaro NP. Saguaro are these huge cactus growing all over the south part of Arizona, but in particular in the area close to Tucson, where the Saguaro NP is ...The park is pretty nice, although we didn't really have a lot of time to go around. We just visited the Visitor Center, drove around and took some pictures. Not really the way that I like to visit a park, but we didn't really have a lot of time for much more than this. So these are some pictures for your enjoyment ...So now you will wonder how big are these cactus, right? So look at that funny small guy at the bottom of the cactus. That is me! Amazing, isn't it? Yes, they are. Completely! Totally! Like most of the National Parks here in US. They are really amazing. I love love love them ... if you have some vacation ... come here to US and visit them. They will never disappoint you. Promised.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah! The adventures are back!!!

I like all of the cactus's and all the others

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