Wednesday, September 27, 2006


... I don't know exactly what is it ... but there is a definitely a connection between me and this date ... 3 of the people that I like the most on this planet have their birthday on this day ... 2 of them live far away from me ... so I couldn't really celebrate with them ... but at least I had the chance to celebrate with the 3rd one ... YANN ... yep ... yesterday was YANN's birthday ... here some pictures of the dinner last nite ... the baloons are, of course, Leif's creation ...... after the dinner Cristina, Justin, Yann and I went to drink more ... but that part of the nite is too much even for this blog ... let's put it like this ... I got really wasted ... but ... I got really really lucky to meet on my way 2 guardian angels that helped me to stay away from troubles bigger than me ... thanks to them ... even if I don't even know their names and I can't even remeber their faces ... thanks ... and this is a lesson for me as well ... help people in trouble is really the best thing you can do in your life ... :o


Anonymous said...

Anyway, this two "guardians" brought him to our house. Andrea was laying on the couch. He sounded like he wanted to give birth to something. Probably the evil itself. Anyways Jason was affraid so he woke me up in the middle of the night. He thought Andrea is possessed by the devil but after I came close to him and I could smell his breath I was sure he wasn't possessed by the devil he was possessed by Capt. Morgan. I tried to talk to him but he said only:"one sec, one sec, one sec!" Anyways I nursed him 45min to make sure he will survive what he actually did. The next morning I found him at the same position I left him. He woke up and couldn't find his cellphone and new camera. He stood up and walked a couple of times thru the appartment and was cursing like. "I am soo stupid, fuck, I lost my camera, fuck. Just bought it fuck. I am so stupid. I knew it, I knew it!" After a while we found his camera and phone on the chimney and everything was ok. For any strange reason he didn't get any big hang-over. What a shame. It was fun for me because I can only experience this every two years. So I am looking forward for August 2008;-)


Andrea said...

Ehehehe ... but u forgot to mention that ... as soon as we found the camera ... you searched into it ... if I had stored any picture of the drinking night ... of the "mandala" ... the ambulance ... and all the rest ... that was funny ... BTW ... thanks for nursing me ... XA

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