Thursday, September 27, 2007


How is flying for almost 24hours straight? I need to be honest? Mmmm ... if you can't sleep (and I didn't do it) it is pretty boring. You get into the stomach of these huge polluting machines ...... and you can't do nothing but eat, watch movies and try to convince your neighbour to stoop snoring ... but I guess it has its advantages. You get on the other side of the blog in less than 4 meals and 5 movies! And this is the Bangkok airport ... a very convoluted mix of western modernity and Thai tradition where in 4 hours stop over I managed to get lost at least 5 times. Must be the lack of sleep. Or maybe I am just retarded ...But what I loved the most is the flight Bangkok - Kathmandu. While I was on the flight I was reading this boo, in the chapter where the author described my same Thai Airways flight from Bangkok to Kathmandu. BTW, if you have the chance try to read this book. It is really easy to read, but most important it is really a fascinating and inspiring story. I would like to be that dude. And I saw the wonderful (from the sky) and probably poor (from the ground) Thai rice fields and the water lands of Bangladesh ...... and the green and house spotted land of the Kathmandu Valley. And of course the Kathmandu airport was quite a shock, but definitely more interesting than any other airport I am used to ... no finger to the gate, no gate ... just a strip of asphalt and a brick building that looked to me more like a Cuban bus Station, than an International airport ...... but here I am, finally in Nepal. Really excited and really curious to discover it.

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Anonymous said...

Amazing!!!! I know you and Jake are having a blast!!!
Beautiful pictures!!!

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