Friday, September 28, 2007


Let's imagine to wake up in your warm bed in a sunny summer day in a surfing Southern California beach city and ... BANG ... in less than 24 hours, land in a rainy and foggy and dirty day in Kathmandu, Nepal. How would you feel? I felt definitely tired and confused. So I did look for a decent hotel and I took a hot shower and I did hope that things would look better. But, after the shower I curiously took a look and I saw this ...... and ... I really had the feeling that probably I could stop to complicate my life with these funky backpaking trips. But, of course, after the initial "shock", as soon as you don't waste your time trying to avoid the unvoaidable mug in the streets and you actually see this wonderful people smiling around you, and you see these wonderful building, and cows crossing the road and these impossible kitchens (e.g. the two guys are choping vegetables in the court of a small temple for a local holiday) and shops ... you really feel that you are doing the right thing. You feel at home. I guess it is a strange feeling to describe ... but if I have nice people around me, I can even be on the other side of World, and I still feel at home ...And I really feel at home here in Kathmandu. I already love this people and this place. Today it did rain almost all day and of course that didn't help to make me fully appreciate the beauty of the city, but I think it is part of the game ... so here the adventure begins. Tomorrow morning Jake is supposed to land here in Kathmandu and the day after tomorrow we are headed to the Everest Base Camp trekking! But honestly, after just one day here in Kathmandu, I feel already sorry that I have to leave it. But I will have time after the trekking to discover it, I hope ...


Anonymous said...

Sooooo happy for you guys! Looks amazing!

TiNa said...

Very happy to see your pics...CC, still molto faccaldo as ever. Popopo Popopo! Bacio! :)

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