Saturday, February 16, 2008


Our researches on CRAIGLIST bring some result. We found a very good piano. For free. It plays really well, and it is in a very decent shape. The piano is actually for free, but we had to hire some PIANO MOVERS and have it delivered in our 3rd floor apartment. Here are 2 of the 3 guys who did the job ...... an amazing hard job. It took them almost 1 hour to push it upstairs! A very very physical job. The fee for the service was $250, but it was so hard that we ended up giving them $100 tip. Totally deserved. And here we have the new piano. NeNe is really happy, and I am as well. It is such a pleasure to hear her to play ... :D

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Italian Film Series said...

Ciao Andri, come stai??? non posti piu'?? spero vada tutto bene. Qui tutto ok, tra poco si parte per l'italia per passare il natale con le famiglie, dopo quasi 3 anni...un salutone,

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