Monday, February 25, 2008


We finally got a couch! We bought in the weekend here in Capitol Hill, the Seattle neighborhood where we live. Nice nice couch, and very nice prize as well. I think it was a $900 couch and we bought it for $250 in the "as is" section. Here if when we got it home. The other guy in the picture is our neighbour Stevie, he help us to push it trough our apartment door ...
We bought it in this shop called AREA51. They have very nice stuff, but they have an horrible customer service (they are just jack-ss). I guess it is worth writing the story. In our case they try to charge us $300 for the delivery, and the reason behind that price was that we already got a good deal out of the couch ... so they had to charge us a lot for the delivery ... :O ... smart of them to tell us!!! And they didn't even want to keep it there for 1 day more, after we paid, again because we got a good deal out of it. F-ck-rs! So we decide to walk the couch home. 1 mile away. Ehehehe. It took us 1 hour, but at the end we made. Nene was so exhausted that when we got in front of our apartment door, she gave up. And Stevie help us to made the last push into the apartment door. People was looking at us, like we stole it. Very funny. Anyways when we got home, we realized that the plastic foot of a leg was missing. Of course because we bought in the "as is" section, there was no way to bring it back. And we thought that maybe we lost the "foot" on the way to our apartment. We went back all the way with our camping lamps and we actually found it on the curb! Very lucky! And now we have our new fancy couch ... ;)

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